Macy’s Flower Show 2012!

5 Apr

Last Monday I took a short trip down to New York City for work and I was so excited to learn that I would be down there for Macy’s annual Flower Show!  The theme of this year’s show was “Brasil, Gardens in Paradise” and they set up a huge tent on Broadway Plaza where you could walk through on your own or with a tour to see the amazing gardens, floral displays, and even a huge Tucan made entirely of flowers.  I read that one of my favorite event designers, Preston Bailey, had done work for the show but unfortunatly I wasn’t able to see it since he was displaying later on in the tour (The show lasts about 2 weeks!) Besides the tent, all of the window’s down 34th street were done up with flowers and costumes and inside Macy’s they had flowers on display as well.  The entire show was free of charge and it goes all day during store hours.  The one thing I wish I had done was written down some of the types of flowers in the tent because most weren’t marked and now I can’t remember all of the different kinds I saw.  I hope I can make it down there again next year and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys flowers and gardening!

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Easter Egg Design!

4 Apr

Is it bad at the age of 23 I still get excited about coloring eggs at Easter? I’m not good at it by any means but I really do enjoy the tradition of  sitting down and decorating some hard boiled eggs that never come out quite as good as I would like them too!  Here are some cool ways to decorate your Easter Eggs this year:

1. Sild Dyed Easter Eggs

I love these eggs, the patterns come out so cool!

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2 Apr

I am SO sorry I’ve been MIA again for the last month:(  It all started with me creating centerpieces for a two bridal shows I had for work and I really underestimated how time-consuming they were!  Then with the nice weather and my work schedule starting to pick up again I have had virtually no time for blogging 😦  I’m going to try to get back into the habit of posting once a day and I really hope it continues throughout the summer!  Also, I decided to give you all my link so you can now follow me on pinterest!  Hopefully I will be able to update that more often than I have been with my blog! Have a good day!

1. Peep Smores

I love how the peeps give a nice pastel pop of color to the classic smore!

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Housewarming Gift!

16 Feb

Do you know someone who is moving into their first apartment or home?  Do you want to give them a housewarming gift but don’t know what to give them?  This Housewarming Bucket (found on Martha Stewart) is a perfect and practical gift that your friends will be sure to enjoy!

You can fill the bucket with whatever tools or equipment you like but some of the things Martha filled this bucket with includes: tools, glue, Goo Gone, an outlet strip, a ruler, etc.

Wedding Wednesday!

15 Feb

With the recent passing of my friend Matt who lost his year-long battle with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, it really opened my eyes to how short life can be and how much many of us take life for granted.  I stumbled upon the Wish Upon A Wedding organization last spring when I was looking for jobs post-graduation and was amazed to read about such a great organization. 

Wish Upon A Wedding is the first non-profit organization that provides weddings to couples facing life-altering circumstances or terminal illnesses.  The organization takes care of all the details that go into a wedding that these couples often don’t have the time, energy, or money to do so on their own.  Wish Upon A Wedding makes it so couples can relax and enjoy their special day, by asking for donations from wedding professionals.  If you are in the wedding or event industry and want to apply to be a “wish granter” so you can provide your goods and services to amazing couples on their special day, please check out the Wish Upon A Wedding website to get involved

Not in the wedding or event industry but still want to do something? You can incorporate Wish Upon A Wedding into your wedding with their complimentary “In Lieu Of Gifts” or $1 “Favor” cards.  You can also volunteer with a local chapter (Boston was started last summer!) or host your own fundraising event!


13 Feb

This weekend my family went up to Syracuse, NY to visit my sister Whitney!  We got to go to the Syracuse/Uconn basketball game and it was such a fun weekend!  Here are my favorite pins from the past week!

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

This is such a great idea right in time for Valentine’s Day!  Be sure to set aside a couple rolls to use if you’re doing a big project in case the ends get soggy after a couple uses! Continue reading

Ace Love

6 Feb

RIP Z.  You were an amazing friend and your strength, courage, and attitude through everything was to be admired.  My heart goest out to the Ziemian family and all of our friends in Palmer and from Nichols.  Rest easy Z.