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Wedding Wednesday!

11 Apr

One thing I have seen a lot of emphasis on in wedding magazines, blogs, and on Pinterest recently is not just the actual ceremony itself, but more specifically the aisle the bride and her wedding party will walk down.  The walk down the aisle is one of the main focal points of the ceremony besides the actual vows of course, and so the theme of this weeks Wedding Wednesday is all about ways to make your aisle creative and something your guests will remember!

1. Personalized Aisle Runner

I LOVE this idea!!  It so personalized and creative and I love how guests will be able to follow your story as they walk down the aisle to find there seats!

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Wedding Wednesday

7 Dec

I love weddings.  I love thinking about my future wedding (in the VERY far future), I love listening to other people’s wedding ideas, and I love finding wedding blogs that share unique and amazing details for the big day.  Each Wednesday is ‘Wedding Wednesday’ here at Presently Pink and I hope you find the following pictures and ideas as great as I do!!  This Wednesday’s theme: Ceremony Ideas!


I love this ceremony setup, it reminds me of the yellow brick road in The Wizard Of Oz!  This setup would work so well for a very intimate wedding.  I like how the father and the bride would get to really see each and every one of the guests as they walk down the aisle, where as in a normal set up they mainly only focus on the inner edges.



I love the thought of a favor for the reception AND the ceremony.  One element that can make or break your outdoor ceremony is the weather.  Provide sunglasses if you’re having a summer wedding where there is no shade, provide flip-flops for guests to change out of their heels if your ceremony is on the beach, and provide bug spray during the summer so the pesky mosquitoes don’t ruin your ceremony!  I love each of these ideas and your guests will sure to appreciate them too!

Photo Credits:

Wedding Ceremony: Pinterest

Sunglasses: The Tip Junkie

Bug Spray: The Knot

Flip Flops: The Knot