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Washington, DC!

20 Jul

Whitney and I have made it to DC!  We have officially been here for a week and despite not being able to completely figure out the metro, we love it here!  Our apartment is in Alexandria, VA ( Right outside of DC) and is in a safe and quite little neighborhood.  I am still looking for a job and haven’t really had a good chance to explore while Whitney is at work since it is so hot down here!  We have been into DC and love M Street in Georgetown, as well as King Street in Old Town Alexandria.  Hopefully we get internet soon so I can continue Presently Pink while I am searching for jobs!  Have a great weekend everyone!!



12 Jun

Hello Everyone!  I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet or anything, I just have been SO busy I have had no time to post 😦  I have been working almost 50 hours a week since May 1st and since the weather has been nice all my free time on the weekends is spent outside! AND IN EVEN BIGGER NEWS I will be moving to Washington, DC with my sister in the beginning of July and I am SO excited!  Finally I get to move and be close to a major city, now all I need is a new job! (And an apartment!)  I hope that once things settle down a little I will be able to post on a more consistent basis for Presently Pink because I miss it!!  I hope everyone is having an amazing summer and I hope to check back in soon!

Happy Birthday Whitney!

20 Apr

Happy 22nd Birthday to my sister and best friend, Whitney!!!

Happy Easter!

6 Apr

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter Sunday!  See you Monday!

Macy’s Flower Show 2012!

5 Apr

Last Monday I took a short trip down to New York City for work and I was so excited to learn that I would be down there for Macy’s annual Flower Show!  The theme of this year’s show was “Brasil, Gardens in Paradise” and they set up a huge tent on Broadway Plaza where you could walk through on your own or with a tour to see the amazing gardens, floral displays, and even a huge Tucan made entirely of flowers.  I read that one of my favorite event designers, Preston Bailey, had done work for the show but unfortunatly I wasn’t able to see it since he was displaying later on in the tour (The show lasts about 2 weeks!) Besides the tent, all of the window’s down 34th street were done up with flowers and costumes and inside Macy’s they had flowers on display as well.  The entire show was free of charge and it goes all day during store hours.  The one thing I wish I had done was written down some of the types of flowers in the tent because most weren’t marked and now I can’t remember all of the different kinds I saw.  I hope I can make it down there again next year and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys flowers and gardening!

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Ace Love

6 Feb

RIP Z.  You were an amazing friend and your strength, courage, and attitude through everything was to be admired.  My heart goest out to the Ziemian family and all of our friends in Palmer and from Nichols.  Rest easy Z.


23 Jan

I hope everyone had a good weekend and could enjoy the snow! Here are my favorite pin’s from this past week!

1. Champagne Cork Countdown

This would have been perfect for a New Year’s Eve Party!! To use it during the year, it could be a cool decoration for a child’s birthday party (maybe hold off on the champagne corks, or spray paint them)  if you only use the numbers that apply to your child’s age

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