Tissue Paper Rosette Centerpieces!

13 Apr

When I first saw this Tissue Rosette Kissing Ball (pictured below), I thought it would be a fun and creative project to do for an upcoming bridal show we were participating in.  Since I work at a rental company, we are sometimes limited as to what we can use as centerpieces on the tables we display.  I always try to make DIY pieces that brides can get ideas from and incorporate into their own weddings (like these button table numbers) and thought the rosette balls would be perfect!

 For the bridal show I decided to go with an ironwood, black, and mimosa color scheme and was happy to find streamers for the rosettes in the exact same color yellow at iParty! To make three rosette balls I used 2 of the big rolls of streamers (about 500 ft. each) and a little roll, so I would recommend getting extra then you think you need.


To create the rosettes, I started off following the directions from The Idea Room Blog, but found I sort of strayed off a little and found it confusing when it came time to roll the actual balls.  Here is what I did:

1. I cut the streamers into strips of about 26″, and did NOT crinkle them before I rolled them.  I thought it was harder to get a good roll that way, so I just folded them in half once they were cut.

2.  I think the best way to learn how to roll the rosettes is to watch this video tutorial and play around with it on your own.  For my rosettes I rolled them for about 10 inches and twisted the rest.  Give yourself plenty of time to do this because rolling the flowers is what takes the most time.  I would say it took me about two weeks in total to have enough for 3 balls.

3.  Once you roll all your rosettes, you can start attaching them to the balls with a hot glue gun.  BE CAREFUL when using the hot glue gun- my friend Katelyn and I burnt our fingers about 100 times over the course of 2 hours!

I think that these, for me at least, were almost too time consuming to think about for an actual wedding! I love the idea of making these for holiday mantles or even a babies room, but I couldn’t imagine making them for an entire wedding!

I would love to hear how your rosette balls came out if you dare to try them!  How long did they take you, how many did you make, and what are you using them for?  Have a great weekend everyone!


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