Gender Reveal Parties!

12 Apr

As if you need another excuse to celebrate your pregnancy, Gender reveal parties are a HUGE trend right now for expecting parents to reveal the sex of their future child with family and friends.   Whether you decide to be in the know and surprise everyone else or want to be surprised along with everyone else, here are a couple of my favorite decor ideas and ways to capture the big reveal at your party!

Getting Guests Involved

I like the idea of building excitement and really getting guests involved in the big reveal.  Make it into a competition where every guest has to vote for whether they think its going to a girl or a boy and display a ‘scoreboard’ somewhere around the party like this couple did. I also like how the second picture wanted guests to wear their guess, especially since they incorporated mustaches which are another huge detail I’ve been seeing in weddings and parties as of late!

Let Them Eat Cake

The most common way to break the big news at the gender reveal parties that I’ve seen is by putting either pink or blue frosting in a cupcake or cake.  This way is sure to be delicious and exciting as you wait for everyone to take their first big bite!

Out Of The Box

This is my favorite way to reveal the sex of the baby!  I love the thought of opening the box that you decorated and seeing a couple dozen balloons flying up over your party!  I also this this would make a great picture that you could send to relatives who weren’t invited or couldn’t make it out to the party!

Shh..It’s a Surprise

If you want to be in suspense just like the rest of your party, do what this couple did: have the sonogram technician write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope so you can open it later on!

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