Wedding Wednesday!

11 Apr

One thing I have seen a lot of emphasis on in wedding magazines, blogs, and on Pinterest recently is not just the actual ceremony itself, but more specifically the aisle the bride and her wedding party will walk down.  The walk down the aisle is one of the main focal points of the ceremony besides the actual vows of course, and so the theme of this weeks Wedding Wednesday is all about ways to make your aisle creative and something your guests will remember!

1. Personalized Aisle Runner

I LOVE this idea!!  It so personalized and creative and I love how guests will be able to follow your story as they walk down the aisle to find there seats!

2. “Here Comes The Bride…”

Although the bride and groom may hate to admit it, most often the flower girl or ring bearer may be guilty of stealing the show at the ceremony.  This will be especially they walk down the aisle with these cute signs!  Also, these signs are great if you don’t want to spend extra money on flower petals for the ceremony, the flower girls can just hold the sign instead!

3.  Seating

Instead of going with the typical white garden chair, try something different at the ceremony when it comes to your seating! I love these hay bales and think they would be perfect for a rustic wedding, but also think blankets or benches would be really cool!  I also LOVE this sign that a bride put at the beginning of her aisle encouraging her wedding guests to not pick a side, just to pick a seat!

4. Aisle Decor

Instead of the typical flower petals, why not take note of these ideas and try out streamers or stars?!

Picture Credits

1. DIY Ceremony Aisle Runner– One Wed

DIY Chalk Ceremony Aisle Runner– Wedding Gawker

2. Ring Bearer Sign– Pinterest User

Here Comes The Bride– Pinterest User

3. Hay Bale Seating– Ruffled Blog

Seating Sign-Rustic Wedding Chic

4.  Streamers-Oh Happy Day

Glitter Stars-Pinterest User


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