Easter Egg Design!

4 Apr

Is it bad at the age of 23 I still get excited about coloring eggs at Easter? I’m not good at it by any means but I really do enjoy the tradition of  sitting down and decorating some hard boiled eggs that never come out quite as good as I would like them too!  Here are some cool ways to decorate your Easter Eggs this year:

1. Sild Dyed Easter Eggs

I love these eggs, the patterns come out so cool!

2. Crayoned Easter Eggs

Using crayons when the egg is still somewhat hot (allows the wax to adhere) is a great way to diminish the mess of dying eggs.  This also give you better control when trying to make designs on the egg!

3. Marbled Easter Eggs

Growing up I always used to like when the dye ran into the egg to make these marbled patterns.  Now, I don’t know if I could bring myself to eat these eggs!

4. Glitter Easter Eggs

Yayyy Martha Stewart for creating these extra sassy Easter Eggs!

Picture Credits:

1. Silk Dyed Easter Eggs- Our Best Bites

2. Crayon Easter Eggs- Parenting

3. Marbled Easter Eggs- Narcissism is Necessary

4. Glitter Easter Eggs- Martha Stewart

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