2 Apr

I am SO sorry I’ve been MIA again for the last month:(  It all started with me creating centerpieces for a two bridal shows I had for work and I really underestimated how time-consuming they were!  Then with the nice weather and my work schedule starting to pick up again I have had virtually no time for blogging 😦  I’m going to try to get back into the habit of posting once a day and I really hope it continues throughout the summer!  Also, I decided to give you all my link so you can now follow me on pinterest!  Hopefully I will be able to update that more often than I have been with my blog! Have a good day!

1. Peep Smores

I love how the peeps give a nice pastel pop of color to the classic smore!

2. Tic Tac Ribbon Dispensers

I love when people dedicate a space in their house for storing craft supplies or wrapping paper.  I love how this ribbon dispenser is so easy and affordable (all you need are tic-tac containers!) for small pieces of trim or ribbon!  (The website isn’t in English but you can see how to make them through the pictures they provide!)

3. Wine Bottle Centerpieces

There are so many cool things you can do with wine corks and wine bottles nowadays!  These would be perfect for your Easter dinner table if you painted the bottles pastel colors and used spring flowers such as tulips or daffodils!

4. Easter Inspired Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These are so cute and a perfect treat for your Easter Sunday events!

5. Cupcake Tin Drink Covers

Since the weather has been so amazing for this time of year and we have already had hints of summer weather, this is perfect for outdoor parties for keeping bugs out of drinks!  You can either color coordinate you party colors to the cupcake tin designs, or use up what you have left over from other baking projects!

Photo Credits:

1. Peep Smores- Eclectic Recipes

2. Tic Tac Ribbon Dispensers- Craft and Creativity

3. Wine Bottle Centerpieces- The Ruffled Blog

4. Easter Inspired Chocolate Covered Strawberries- Sun Scholars Blog

5. Cupcake Tin Drink Covers- Pinterest User

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