13 Feb

This weekend my family went up to Syracuse, NY to visit my sister Whitney!  We got to go to the Syracuse/Uconn basketball game and it was such a fun weekend!  Here are my favorite pins from the past week!

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

This is such a great idea right in time for Valentine’s Day!  Be sure to set aside a couple rolls to use if you’re doing a big project in case the ends get soggy after a couple uses!

Mini Caprese Bites

Love the presentation of these mini Caprese bites!  These would be an ideal appetizer/snack idea for summer when you can grab the fresh basil and tomatoes right from the garden!

Pepper Dip Bowls

To save on dishes at your next party and for a cool way to display a veggie platter, pour your dip into a hollowed out pepper!

Valentine Cupcakes

If you don’t have or want to spend the money on heart shaped cupcake pans, try this trick:  place a marble or aluminum foil between the cupcake liner and pan!


Ziplock Bag Finger Painting

Having a party or get together with children who love to finger paint?  Don’t let the cold weather or fear of a huge mess stop you from letting them do it with this great ziplock bag idea!

Picture Credits:

1. Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

2. Mini Caprese Bites

3. Pepper Dip Bowls

4. Valentine Cupcakes

5. Ziplock Bag Finger Painting

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