Wedding Wednesday!

1 Feb

One thing that can make or break your wedding memories are the pictures you have to look back on.  Photography is one aspect of your wedding that you shouldn’t try to be frugal about, because having a poor or inexperienced photographer will reflect on the pictures you receive.  You don’t want to be disappointed in the pictures taken on your big day, so be sure to interview possible photographers and really let them know what you’re looking for out of your pictures.  Today’s Wedding Wednesday will feature some of my favorite wedding photography ideas!

1. Panoramic Photos

Panoramic Wedding Photos look to be a growing trend in photography for 2012.  I think these shots are so unique and really capture all your family and friends who came out and supported you on your special day! If you didn’t want it so posed I think a great panoramic photo moment would be at the reception while everyone is dancing!

2. Candid Photos

If you’re not very photogenic or don’t like spending a lot of time taking a lot of staged photos, be sure to let your photographer know that you really want candid photos.  These rare shots really capture the mood and emotions of your wedding day and can be great to put in a scrapbook to look back on!

3. Wedding Photo Album

A professional wedding photo album is a great alternative to a handmade scrapbook because it will save you time and will look much more professional! If you have an engagement photo session, a great idea would be to get one made of all those photos and then display and have guests sign the blank spots for a guest book at the wedding!

4. Sparkler Sendoff

I love how sparklers, especially when used in a send off is captured in a photo.  It looks so cool and if done right can really make the bride and groom stand out even among the beautiful glow from the sparklers!

Picture Credits:

1. Panoramic Photos- A Beautiful Day Photography Blog

2. Candid Photos- Funky Town Photography

3. Wedding Photo Album- Shutterfly

4. Sparkler Send Off- Elizabeth Anne Designs

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