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Housewarming Gift!

16 Feb

Do you know someone who is moving into their first apartment or home?  Do you want to give them a housewarming gift but don’t know what to give them?  This Housewarming Bucket (found on Martha Stewart) is a perfect and practical gift that your friends will be sure to enjoy!

You can fill the bucket with whatever tools or equipment you like but some of the things Martha filled this bucket with includes: tools, glue, Goo Gone, an outlet strip, a ruler, etc.


Wedding Wednesday!

15 Feb

With the recent passing of my friend Matt who lost his year-long battle with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, it really opened my eyes to how short life can be and how much many of us take life for granted.  I stumbled upon the Wish Upon A Wedding organization last spring when I was looking for jobs post-graduation and was amazed to read about such a great organization. 

Wish Upon A Wedding is the first non-profit organization that provides weddings to couples facing life-altering circumstances or terminal illnesses.  The organization takes care of all the details that go into a wedding that these couples often don’t have the time, energy, or money to do so on their own.  Wish Upon A Wedding makes it so couples can relax and enjoy their special day, by asking for donations from wedding professionals.  If you are in the wedding or event industry and want to apply to be a “wish granter” so you can provide your goods and services to amazing couples on their special day, please check out the Wish Upon A Wedding website to get involved

Not in the wedding or event industry but still want to do something? You can incorporate Wish Upon A Wedding into your wedding with their complimentary “In Lieu Of Gifts” or $1 “Favor” cards.  You can also volunteer with a local chapter (Boston was started last summer!) or host your own fundraising event!


13 Feb

This weekend my family went up to Syracuse, NY to visit my sister Whitney!  We got to go to the Syracuse/Uconn basketball game and it was such a fun weekend!  Here are my favorite pins from the past week!

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

This is such a great idea right in time for Valentine’s Day!  Be sure to set aside a couple rolls to use if you’re doing a big project in case the ends get soggy after a couple uses! Continue reading

Ace Love

6 Feb

RIP Z.  You were an amazing friend and your strength, courage, and attitude through everything was to be admired.  My heart goest out to the Ziemian family and all of our friends in Palmer and from Nichols.  Rest easy Z.

Superbowl Sunday!

3 Feb

One of the main reasons I love Superbowl Sunday is for the food and the beer.  Don’t get me wrong, being from Massachusetts I am really happy that the New England Patriots are playing in another Superbowl game and would love for them to win, but I’m not a die hard football fan so all I’m looking forward to is eating, drinking, and the Madonna half time show.  If your still looking for some last minute ideas for your Superbowl Sunday party, here are a couple of my favorites!

Superbowl Cupcakes

If you don’t have time to bake these delicious looking cupcakes, head down to Wal-Mart and pick some premade football cupcakes.  Although they won’t be as cute as these, they will save you lots of time preparing for the big game!

Football Pizza

This football pizza would be great for picky little eaters who may not like ribs, chicken wings, or nachos that you will be serving at your party.  This looks great and is so easy to make!

Football Decor

I love how creative and football themed this set up is!  The best part about it: Hostess With The Mostess is giving you the printables featured in this photo for your food table for free

Genius Party Plate

I need one of these right now! This is the perfect plate for the superbowl because it allows you to hold your beer and appetizers in one hand and the remote in the other!  Just please don’t try to drink out of your beer while the plate is still on it!!


Picture Credits:

1. Superbowl Cupcakes- Mini Baker

2. Football Pizza- Pillsbury

3. Free Decor Printouts- Hostess With The Mostess

4. Genius Party Plate: Gifts

Heart Knot Ring!

2 Feb

Last Friday my best friend Katelyn and I were having a casual bar night and got on the topic of jewelry.  She started telling me about a heart knot ring she used to have when she was little that she wanted again and I suggested she looked on Etsy to see if they had any.  Etsy is an amazing place to find one of a kind gift items because everything on the site is handmade!  The selection is massive and they have everything from jewelry, wedding items, home goods, and clothes! We both decided to get ourselves a heart knot ring and my gold one came in yesterday!! My heart knot ring was made by Julie Mazzaferro and you can find her Etsy shop here! I love how small and simple the ring is and the best part about the ring was how it was packaged,  so cute!

I am in love with my new porcelain hand jewelry holder!

Wedding Wednesday!

1 Feb

One thing that can make or break your wedding memories are the pictures you have to look back on.  Photography is one aspect of your wedding that you shouldn’t try to be frugal about, because having a poor or inexperienced photographer will reflect on the pictures you receive.  You don’t want to be disappointed in the pictures taken on your big day, so be sure to interview possible photographers and really let them know what you’re looking for out of your pictures.  Today’s Wedding Wednesday will feature some of my favorite wedding photography ideas!

1. Panoramic Photos

Panoramic Wedding Photos look to be a growing trend in photography for 2012.  I think these shots are so unique and really capture all your family and friends who came out and supported you on your special day! If you didn’t want it so posed I think a great panoramic photo moment would be at the reception while everyone is dancing!

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