23 Jan

I hope everyone had a good weekend and could enjoy the snow! Here are my favorite pin’s from this past week!

1. Champagne Cork Countdown

This would have been perfect for a New Year’s Eve Party!! To use it during the year, it could be a cool decoration for a child’s birthday party (maybe hold off on the champagne corks, or spray paint them)  if you only use the numbers that apply to your child’s age

2. Wine Jello Shots

Yummmm, this would be a perfect summer treat!

3. “I Dig You” Valentines

 These are so cute and easy to make for little kids on Valentine’s Day!

4. Straw Necklace Holder

This is a great idea to use when traveling to avoid tangled necklaces!  All you have to do is slip your necklace through the drinking straw before packing your jewelry! This is so convenient and will save yourself from spending hours trying to untangle all of your pieces! 

5.  Cupcake Wrapper Holder

This is such a pretty way to organize cupcake wrappers! By using a glass spaghetti jar, it allows you to show off your cute wrappers and since it is very tall you can fit a lot of wrappers in one jar!

Picture Credits:

1. Champagne Cork Countdown

2. Wine Jello Shots

3. “I Dig You” Valentines

4. Straw Necklace Holder

5. Cupcake Wrapper Holder

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