Button Table Numbers!

17 Jan

I recently got to design a table and booth for the company I work for at the Springfield Bridal Expo, which is held every year at the Big E!  I really wanted to keep this table simple yet elegant, and went with a color theme of khaki, dusty rose, pink, and pastel pink. For the centerpieces I used mason jars filled with small bouquets of baby’s breath and made the table number out of buttons!  (First seen over at The Knot!)The button table number was so easy to make and cost efficient, since the only thing I had to purchase was a frame and a sheet of scrapbook paper!

I purchased a white “distressed” frame from Walmart and picked up a textured scrapbook paper from Joannes.  Since I knew I was going with white/ivory/clear buttons I chose to use a darker backing, but feel free to use any kind of paper you like! Also,  I chose a smaller frame since my centerpieces were going to be low to the table, but if you can, a bigger frame might be easiest!  I was limited to a single digit number since the opening was smaller, so if you plan on doing this for a wedding keep that in mind if you have a lot of tables with bigger numbers!

The first thing I did was trace the textured backing to the size of the frame and played around with the buttons until perfect.  I then took one button off at a time so I wouldn’t mess up my template and attached them to the paper with a small dab of glue from my hot glue gun. When I finished the number I removed all the excess hot glue gun strands, and inserted the number into the frame!

The table number was the perfect addition to my table and I am so happy with the way the finished product came out!





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