North Pole Express, Essex CT!

20 Dec

If you have children/little siblings/younger relatives in your family and haven’t heard of the North Pole Express train rides, I HIGHLY recommend you look into it next holiday season.  On Sunday we took the two hour drive down to Essex, CT to partake in the Essex Steam Train‘s version of the North Pole Express.  IT WAS AMAZING!!  Myself, my sister Whitney, our best friend Katelyn, and my mom “GG” had the same amount of  fun, if not more, as my 4 year old cousin Brady and 6 year old Haidyn who also went with us, and I would definitely recommend this ride to anyone!

Our tickets and pajamas were wrapped in a huge box that “mysteriously” appeared on our back deck with a note attached from “Mr. C.” Our train left at 7pm and we arrived to the station about a half hour before.  There was a toy shop and lights all around where you boarded the train and since it was freezing outside I’m glad we got to board shortly after we arrived.

The ride itself was about an hour and a half long and we got hot chocolate, cookies, and candy canes from our cars elf, Candy Mandy.  On our way to the North Pole we got to play Christmas themed games, sing carols, and look at all of the Christmas lights that were surrounding the tracks.  Once we got to the North Pole Santa’s elves, sleepy sleepers, Mrs. Clause and Santa himself boarded the train to talk to and take pictures with all the children and before they left Santa went around to each child and gave them their own bell ornament!

The best part about the North Pole Express was seeing how happy Haidyn and Brady were  and I hope that we can go again next year!  ***This specific ride tends to sell out really quickly, and we bought our tickets in early August.  If interested in going next year, buy your tickets early!!  Also, we Santa got us the cheapest tickets (around $20) for the coach car and although I didn’t see what the first class seats were, I wouldn’t do it any differently the second time around. Our seats were comfortable and they did a really good job of making sure every kid was included! And lastly,  besides us there was only one other adult wearing pj’s. Parents: stop being boring and just wear them!***

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