Tin Can Candle Holders!

16 Dec

I made these Tin Can Candle Holders last year for my mom for Christmas because they were really easy and I had no money to buy her anything!  When my dad was making dinner the other night I had him save two cans that he would have otherwise thrown away so I could make them again this year! Enjoy and have a good weekend!

There is no perfect can to use when doing this project, but if you get the choice I would recommend using a can that is flat all the way around.  I used an old corn can and there were ridges on it, so if you have to use one with ridges don’t worry, it can be done! The first thing you need to do is wash your can and peel any label or stickers off of it. Once washed fill them with water and keep them in the freezer overnight.

When the water inside the cans are completely frozen, take them out and set on your work space.  This year I used stars to trace a pattern, but in the past I’ve done a snowman and a Christmas tree. Before you trace the pattern onto your can I recommend wiping it down with a towel.  I used a sharpie to trace the pattern and if the can is really wet or frosty, it won’t show up. I traced the stars one at a time, but if it makes it easier to trace a bunch of them before you start hammering the holes, go for it!

The next step is to make the holes.  To do this, just stick the sharp end onto the can and start hammering!  The size hole you get  depends on how big of a nail you use and you only really need to hit the nail a couple of times to make the hole.

When you finish making all the holes, the next step is to melt the ice left in the can.  I just stick the entire can in the sink and run hot water on it for a couple of minutes until the ice falls out or melts.

I like the idea of a dark can so you can really see the candle shine through the holes so I spray paint mine black.  I only used one coat so once I was done I let it sit.

Once the can dries simply stick a tea light in the can and watch it glow!  I recommend using a battery operated tea light over a real one only because last year once the wax in the tea light seeped over the edges and out the holes.  I wish I did smaller stars because I think more light would have shown if there was more, but I like it!  I included the snowman I did last year in the pictures because my mom uses it and I think it looks better than the stars!

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