Chevron Clipboard!

13 Dec

Bold patterns have been popping up everywhere lately and one I particularly like is chevron!  I like how many people are incorporating it into weddings, furniture, and even dishes! Since I had bought cheap clipboards last time I was shopping I decided I would make my own chevron clipboard!

One thing I regret about this project is not taking measurements while making my own chevron template.  I didn’t realize how hard it actually was to create from scratch the way I wanted and I also didn’t realize that once I had done it how hard it would be to recreate.  Since I don’t have the exact template from my project to give to you, I did find some different templates from The Billie Monster Blog. 

I put my template on cardboard so it would be easier to trace.  Once you create your template, start tracing onto your clipboard.  I suggest tracing it in pencil rather than a pen or thin sharpie. As you can see my chevron traced on my clipboard was a lot thinner when I first did it.  I thought that would be tougher to paint and wanted a thicker pattern so I just erased every other line!

Once you trace your chevron patter on to both side you can begin painting! I chose to paint mine baby pink and grey, with a white outline.  I started with the pink doing every other one, and then did the grey.  If you use light colors, I definitely recommend using two coats, but that’s up to you! I started with the back, let it dry overnight, and then continued with the front!

Once both sides were dry, I decided to cover it with a protective gloss.  However, I didn’t read the label quite closely in the store so I ended up getting a white gloss instead of clear.  I actually like it with the white gloss now because it makes both colors look a little lighter!  I used two coats on each side and if you make the mistake of using white gloss like I did, I wouldn’t recommend using more than two coats!

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