12 Dec

I know I mentioned it before but I have been obsessed with Pinterest for a couple of months now.   I love how there is so many ideas and inspiration from so many different people and things!  I’m finding it really hard and time-consuming to feature a new craft every single day so I decided Monday’s I will feature my favorite things that I’ve pinned from the following week! I hope you all enjoy!

1. Waterfall French Braids!

*Whitney,  please learn how to do this in the next couple of days so you can do this for me when you come home for break!!!

2. Beer Can Hot Curlers

I have naturally curly hair so I will never get to try this out but what a clever idea to make use of empty beer cans! If someone trys this please let me know if it works!

3. Black French Manicure

Black matte nail polish is the number 1 thing on my Christmas list.  I’ve heard the Sephora OPI line used to have them but the website says they no longer carry it 😦 Any ideas on where to get it?!

4. Cup Cakes in a Mason Jar

Cup cakes in mason jars are my next project after Christmas. (Hopefully after I get my dream gift, the Kitchen Aid Mixer!!)

5. Snowman Wreath

Ahh this is so cute!  And looks really easy to make!  If you know someone who likes snowmen this may be the perfect gift because it could last all winter, not just for Christmas Or, if you used artificial greens/wreath, they could use it to decorate year after year!

Picture Credits:

1. User on Pinterest

2. User on Pinterest

3. Chloe’s Nails

4. Under The Table And Dreaming

5. Photobucket

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