Eraser Stamps!

9 Dec

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is wrap presents!  I just bought the cutest roll of metallic gold and cream snowflake wrapping paper from The Christmas Tree Shop that I plan on using for all of my gifts this year!  The one issue I have is matching the name tags to my paper since the ones sold in stores are either too tacky or don’t match my theme. I’ve been wanting to try these DIY rubber stamps made out of erasers that I saw on The Sweetest Occasion Blog for quite some time now, and decided to try a Christmas tree and letters for my name tags!


My wrapping paper!

The best thing about this project is how convenient and cheap it is.  I bought the erasers in a pack of 6 for $1 at the Dollar Tree, but you could also use potatoes for the stamp! (I’m trying this with Haidyn and Brady Sunday to see which method is easier!) I also suggest using thick letters.  Originally, I used  foam letters as a guide but they were really tricky since they were thinner and in a fancier font.  Not only are bubble letters much easier to trace, it took so much less time to free hand then it did to trace the foam!

Step 1: Trace letters and Christmas tree onto erasers!

I first cut each eraser in half and then used a pencil to draw out the letters.  Since I was going to do bubble letters, I drew the letters a little smaller than I wanted them to appear on the stamps.  Since I was only making tags for my parents, I lucked out and only had to make four letters. For the Christmas tree, I found a large eraser (Also at Dollar Tree) and again traced the design I wanted.  I wanted to keep it really simple so I stayed away from tree decorations or presents under it, but feel free to go into as much detail as you’d like!

Step 2: Create Stamp!

To create the letter and tree stamps, I simply went over my design with a razor blade.  The trick is to cut through deep enough but not to cut through the entire eraser.  Next, you want to cut in from the edges up until you hit your design.

Step 3: Get paper ready for stamping and stamp away!

I wanted my gift tags to resemble old luggage tags so I cut them into triangles, sloped the two upper corners, and punched a hole on top.  To prepare the stamp, I painted a thin layer of gold paint all over the design.  The trick is not to apply too much paint because the stamp may slide when you press it down over the paper.  I started with the Christmas tree and then continued to stamp the letters!

Although I’m not 100% happy with the final outcome, for how easy this was I can’t really complain.  I think they match my paper perfectly and for being so sloppy I actually like how they look on the presents!

One Response to “Eraser Stamps!”

  1. Jennifer December 9, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    lol, wrapping gifts is probably my least favorite part about Christmas, but you make it look so fun and creative! Thanks for the ideas!

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