Pig Park BBQ!

8 Dec

Everyone in the Ware, MA area that enjoys amazing BBQ, please check out the opening of Pig Park BBQ tomorrow and Saturday from 11am-7pm at Knapp’s Beverage Depot!!!  Pig Park BBQ is a new catering and food vending business that my best friend Katelyn’s dad is opening!! Come down to Knapp’s to enjoy mouth-watering meat that is slow cooked for 6-16 hours, as well as delicious sides! For the full menu, please continue reading!  I hope to see everyone there tomorrow!

All meats are slow cooked in the largest pit in the Northeast using local hardwoods!


Pulled Pork- $6

Pulled Carolina Style- $7

Texas Brisket- $8


*Meat choices are 1/4 BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork, Texas Brisket, 1/4 Rack of Ribs.*

Single Meat- $9

Two Meats- $13.50

Three Meats- $19

*All plates include: BBQ Beans, Coleslaw, and Cornbread*

Family Style:

Pulled Pork

Cup- $5     Pint- $10     Quart- $20

Texas Brisket

Cup- $6      Pint- $12     Quart- $23


Cup-$3     Pint- $4     Quart- $8

BBQ Beans

Pint- $5     Quart- $10

Memphis Ribs

1/2 Rack- $10     Full Rack- $18

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